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  Software quick application note
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Software quick application note

Software quick use instructions

Figure 1:Software quick application note


1. Sample Depth:Determine the amount of data to be acquired per channel.

2. Sample Rate:The sample rate or acquisition frequency determines how often samples are taken.

3. Trigger Position:The trigger position determines which samples are stored.

4. rigger column,:It has six trigger conditions: Don't Care, High, Low, Rising Edge, Falling Edge and Either Edge.

5. Trigger Level:The LAP-F1 lets users use up to 4 different Trigger Levels at a time; one for each of the four port A, B, C and D.

6. Single capture:Capture samples one time using the current Acquisition Settings and Trigger Conditions.

7. Display All:Show all data between Ds and Dp in the waveform view area.