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Software FAQ

LAP-C Pro, LAP-F1, mode items cannot be clicked?

Please open a new file, the instrument settings will be initialized, and the mode items can be clicked and used.

Why are some files can't open?

It may be that the file is placed too deep. Because Windows has system restrictions, if you add a file path name and file name, the total length of English is more than 230 characters, and Chinese is more than 115 characters. Windows will not be able to open. Please save the file in a shallower position.

Why the logic analyzer software interface will show gibberish after the software is switched to simplified or traditional Chinese.

We recommend using primary operating system (pure simplified or traditional Chinese) to avoid software appear gibberish.

Why the LAP-F1 program will automatically close after saving the long time record result on the desktop?

Because of the high access right of Windows desktop, we recommend to set the data storage disk for long time record to the D drive.

How to install Win7 and Win10 successfully into LAP-C and run APP?

In window7, here is the suggestion to run LAP-C app again: http://bd.zeroplus.com.tw/www/lac_s31403_all.zip

1. Users can use compatibility mode in Windows xp once. Then the user can run the software in normal mode.

2. About compatibility mode, please refer to follows:

3. If not working, please capture the screen and email back to us for further check.

My computer runs the Win8(or above) version OS, then I can’t properly install my logic analyzer driver?

Click & download the Zeroplus-LAP Analyzer_Window 8-8.1 install problem solution_en

My system is VISTA64, why logic analyzer software can not be installed automatically?

Please download VISTA64 drive installation

When using the Internal Sampling to capture the data of the parallel Bus, there is a data error happening, for example, the sequence of the data is 2A, 2B, 2C; according to sampling, you get the data, 2A, 2B, 28, 2C; at that moment, there is another data (28) between 2B and 2C, and it will make you in trouble.

The reason is that the Logic Analyzer displays with Square Waveform, and the factual signal owns the positive and negative period only when there is the voltage changing. For instance, when the voltage of the signal is raised from 0V to 1.5V, there is some transition time that makes the Logic Analyzer judge as 1 or 0; so when we change the Waveform Mode of the Logic Analyzer into the Sawtooth Waveform, we can clearly see the data change of the signal when it is transiting. If customers don’t want to see the error judgement of the LA by the Sawtooth, we recommend using the external sampling to use the DUT’s Clock directly; it won’t cause this error. The below left image is the waveform of the counter when using the Internal Sampling, there is a data (0XAC) between 0XA7 and 0XA8; the right image is the result of using the External Sampling, which does not cause the Sampling Error between the 0XA7 and 0XA8.

When using the Protocol Analyzer SPI, it only can select MOSI or MISO to decode; Can I decode the MISO and MOSI at the same time?

Yes, you can. The channel can be activated repetitively. Firstly, group the CS, SCK, MOSI into a Bus; secondly, add two repeated channels (CS and SCK) to group them into a Bus with the MISO; then you can set the decoding for the Protocol Analyzer. Otherwise, users can decode many groups of Protocol Analyzers without any limitation.

How does it decode when the SPI doesn’t have the factual Enable line?

The Protocol Analyzer SPI of Zeroplus can provide decoding for you when there isn’t the factual Enable signal (SS). Firstly, use the A and B Bars to measure the time of the least signal segment for the DATA signal, and then set the Virtual SS Condition on the SPI Custom Setting.

Why does not Enable Delay work when the Double Mode is activated?

To optimize signal output quality and maximize memory efficiency, the Enable function may work under the Double Mode. However, the Enable Delay function DOES NOT work under the Double Mode at this stage.

Can I use the status mode to display the waveform?

Yes, you can. Go through Window => Listing Display and choose it.

Is there a Reset that restores the default color setting for signal output waveforms in the Position Signal Display Area?

Yes, there is. Click Tools from the Menu Bar, and select Color Setting; click Default. However, this restores everything in this window. You must make a further adjustment if the color setting is the only thing you want to restore.

Why is the text display covered by other text or outside the display width?

At this stage, our software interface program has missing codes for multilingual support.
You will have to ensure your system default encoding is one of the following languages: 1) any English Encoding (en, en-XX), 2) Traditional Chinese (zh, zh-XX), 3) Simplified Chinese (zh, zh-CN in HZ, GB2312, GB18030). Double check the language configuration in Regional and Language Option.

Can I save my signal data to a separate pure text file (*.txt)?

Yes, this feature has been available since V1.03.01. It can export the waveform file as the text file; Zeroplus Technology will update the software version and add new functions constantly; welcome customers to download and renew actively.

How may I upgrade my software interface program?

When the software interface program is opened, the Logic Analyzer will connect to the Zeroplus server for software updates if an internet connection of the operating computer is available. We suggest you to remove the old version before installing the new version.

How do I know the version number of my software interface program?

Click Help from the Menu Bar, and then select About ZEROPLUS Logic Analyzer to know the version.

What are the extremes for Delay Time and Clock & Trigger Delay Clock?

The interface will inform you of the interval you may use. However, it varies from case to case, depending on your test devices.

If I have the wheel feature with my mouse (or other pointing devices), may I adjust the waveform display zoom in the Waveform Display Area by pressing the left key of the mouse or scrolling directly?

At present, the wheel has been supplied for the left or right dragging of the waveform. This feature has been enhanced since V 1.03. If your program version is prior to this version, visit our website for the latest update at:

Are all setup parameters and configurations saved as I save my work?

Yes, everything in your work space, except signal graph, will be saved.

Can triggers be differentiated in Pre-Trigger and Post-Trigger?

Yes, they can.

What is the Bar?

The Bar is similar to the vernier of the oscilloscope, which can mark the time relationship among the positions of the data.

When should I use the Compression Function?

If the time of the DUT Signal to be analyzed is not too long or the DUT Signal changes frequently, we recommend not using the Compression Function. Conversely, if capturing the signal needs a long period or the DUT signals vary slightly over a long period, using the Compression Function can bring a higher rate.