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Mr.Mark Oliver(Australia)

Mark Oliver

I use the LAP-C (16128) for both work and home. At work I use it mainly as a protocol analyser basic for I2C, SPI and RS232 development. The LAP-C is very indispensable tool both at work and at home.  ......more

Julio Enrique Varela Moraga(Chile)

2012/2/17 Julio Enrique Varela Moraga(Chile)

I am really impressed on the performance of your Zero pluls LAP-C logic analyzer, specially on the I2C module which I am currently using.  ......more

Mr. Helmut Schoettner (Austria)

2011/8/10 Mr. Helmut Schoettner

Speed up embedded device driver development by spending just 250 EUR  ......more

Dries Hulens – Student Master in electronics-ICT (Holland)

2011/8/1 Dries Hulens – Student Master in electronics-ICT (Holland)

The logic analyzer is one of my best purchases so far. It is certainly not too expensive and is very useful for a hobbyist in electronics as I am, but also for the professional electronics it is an indispensable tool.  ......more

F de Jong (Holland)

2011/7/9 F de Jong (Holland)

I was working on a project with rs232 codes and it did not get to work. After days of frustration I ordered a zeroplus logic analyzer on the Internet. Within two days I got the analyzer and within the next hour the project was up and running again. The analyzer told me what the rs232 code was and the software within my project failed, I could solve my software fault and it all came to live.  ......more

Evert Bennewitz (Holland)

2011/7/9 Evert Bennewitz(Holland)

The reason I purchase the analyzer is that such a tool will saved me a lot of time debugging my projects. (I am programming mainly in assembler!) I you are designing you always bump into program mistakes and timing problem (in my case anyway) With this tool these problems are easy find and therefore quick fixed.  ......more

roelvh (Holland)

2011/7/9 roelvh (Holland)

My conclusion, a very good device thanks to the extensive software that has become an indispensable measurement tool in my lab.  ......more

Arthur Ketels(Holland)

2011/7/9 Arthur Ketels(Holland)

Our company makes amongst others prototype electronics. It is a mix of analogue and digital technologies. We use 8 to 32 bit micro controllers and FPGA's. Those electronics are interfaced with a multitude of buses. Many are standard serial like SPI, I2C, I2S or UART. Others are parallel like synchronous or asynchronous RAM buses. Then there are the special signals like encoders, pwm or lvds.  ......more

ad van grootel (Holland)

2011/7/9 ad van grootel (Holland)

A few weeks ago I did try to figure out the data that was send to the rs485 slave with a digital scoop. It was very hard and took me a lot of time. Now with the zeroplus. It was very easy. I did hook it on to the send and receive date connections of the MAX485 and beside showing me how the data did look, he also gave me the complete data code that was send in HEX. So in 5 minutes I did know more then in a few evenings without the zeroplus.  ......more

Ruudje (Holland)

2011/7/9 Ruudje (Holland)

A very nice feature of this software is its ability to include plug-ins which enables you to decode all kinds of serial and parallel protocols like IIC, SPI… etc. It’s even possible to create your own plug-in for some protocol using the design suite of Zeroplus, but it does take some time to understand the method Zeroplus uses for its plug-ins.  ......more

AMIC Communication Corporation

2010/4/13 Firmware Engineer Mr. Lin Jiayu

When developing the RF products, they need to analyze a lot of Digital Waveforms and Protocol Analyzers. The R&D mode of the Firmware Division mainly is that use the C language to assemble 8051 single chip and transmit the digital data to RFIC to modulate and send the data through the Protocol Analyzer SPI. When using the common oscilloscope to analyze and contrast the waveform, it takes a lot of time to tidy up; but the error can not be found correctly and debugged smoothly. That is to say, the effects of the development can not be improved and the result is always frustrating, though it takes a lot of energy and time.  ......more


2009/5/2 Technical Manager Mr.Ricard Chetrit

ICNITA is a technological company specializing in integral solutions for the identification of persons, vehicles and objects, by means of various electronic identification and automation technologies, with the RFID specialty.After we have bought the LAP-A analyzer the designer love it and he has not work without it.  ......more

Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone (POLAND)

2009/2/13 Robert Zemla

My name is Robert Zemla and I am an engineer in a small company. We deal with lighting equipment. We are specialized in sale, service and creating our own devices for our all customers mostly for theatres, stages, and television. We are localized in the capital of Poland, Warsaw.  ......more


2007/6/15 Products Development Department/Firmware Subdivision Mr. Yeh

We use the LAP-A(32128U-A) PC-Based Logic Analyzer of Zeroplus Technology at present; doing the validation in the design, we can correctly capture the effective digital signals and find the problems of the hardware and software at the same time, so using Logic Analyzer is the best development tool for us. Otherwise, with the excellent analysis function of Zeroplus Logic Analyzer, we especially appreciate the function of Compression and Enable.  ......more

Ione Technology Inc.

2007/5/9 FAE manager Mr. Liu Xinliang

Because of the IIC decoding function of Zeroplus Logic Analyzer, we found the wrong programing smoothly, and the client’s problem was solved quickly. The experience leaves a deep impression of using a fine tool to me. In fact, to use a convenient and fine instrument can solve the question and save the time cost.  ......more

YAMAHA KHS Music Co., Ltd

2007/4/13 Director of the RD Division Mr. Lin Hai-li

After procurement, Ms. Lin in Zeroplus kept updating the software and product information. She took a very proactive role in the after-sale service. Where there were small problems with the machine, she would talk to the engineers to get rid of the problems. The extra features of I2C, UART, SPI serial signal decoding of Zeroplus LAP made the price worthy.  ......more

ASUSTek Computer Inc.

2007/4/10 CM5, Broadband RD Division RD engineer Mr. Lin Kuo-yang

Uncertainty about whether signals on the SPI interface can be correctly transmitted was there so we adopted Zeroplus LAP-A(32123U-A) PC-Based Logic Analyzer and the signal transmission was then stable. To check whether the logic between the circuit and the program is correct during the RD phase can rapidly identify and get rid of the problem on the hardware or the software. Mr. Lin in great joy said, “The sooner is the debug, the shorter the RD of products takes.”  ......more