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Hardware FAQ

Why is the LTR normal and connected to USB3.0, but sometimes it will pop up a reminder window showing "needs to be used with USB3.0" and the LTR can't be used?

Unplug the power cord and re-power on to return to normal.

How do we deal with it when the measured signal is different from the oscilloscope’s, and has much noise?

Please adjust the Trigger Level, for instance, the signal voltage is 5V, and customers can set the Trigger Level as 2.5V, then this problem may be solved. When the voltage value of the signal is over the default value (-6V~+6V), please measure the voltage of the signal by using an oscilloscope, and then customers can judge and set the Trigger Level. Please keep in mind the voltage of the signal can’t be over the voltage limitation of the Logic Analyzer, +30V to -30V.

What is the function of Filter of your Logic Analyzer?

This function is the exclusive development patent of us. It is similar to the function of the filter, which can help you filter the unnecessary signal, and make the memory store more valuable signals.

Does your Logic Analyzer need an extra power supply?

The A Series and C Series needn’t connect to an extra power supply, and the USB Port can supply the power; the B Series needs an extra power supply.

Is there the distortion of the waveform signal when using the Compression function?

We use the hardware circuit to compress; there isn’t the distortion of the signal when using the software to compress, what’s more, it will add the length of the analysis data and make you analyze more data in an image once.

Do you have the Logic Analyzer with a higher Level? Is there a higher Sampling Frequency?

At Present, our B Series can sample 400MHz Sampling Frequency. We are developing the Logic Analyzer with 1GHz frequency, and we believe that it will be presented on the market soon.

The range of Trigger Level is from 6V to -6V; if the voltage of UART is 18V, How do I set?

The Trigger Level is the important setting for judging the High Level or Low Level of the measured signal. Zeroplus Logic Analyzer provides five setting modes for users: TTL 1.5V, CMOS 3.3V, CMOS 5V, ECL and User Defined, thereinto, the User Defined can be set from 6V to -6V. When the range of the measured signal is over the above, for example, RS-485 18V, users can set the Voltage Level as 6V, then the Logic Analyzer will judge the High Level or Low Level for your signal. In addition, Zeroplus Logic Analyzer can withstand the voltage between +30V and -30V. Please don’t measure the signal whose voltage is over the limitation.

Could you tell me What the time settings for “Setup” and “Hold” are?

Setup Time: 0.05~0.25ns.
Hold Time: 0.02~0.08ns.
Clock High requires a minimum of 0.31ns.
Clock Low requires at least 0.47ns.

Why does data sampling seem inconsistent when I capture the data?

The reasons are varied, but you may follow this checklist for troubleshooting:
1) Always check the USB connection between the Logic Analyzer and your PC.
2) We strongly recommend using USB ports in the rear panel of a PC; these ports usually have better voltage stabilities than front panel ports. However, if front panel USB ports are directly soldered to the main board, you can use them.
3) Make sure the Logic Analyzer is directly connected with the PC (without a USB hub).
4) Inconsistent data display may indicate voltage irregularities in the main board; examine capacitors on your main board or power supply.
5) If the problem is the power supply, we strongly recommend purchasing a power supply with a hardwired voltage transformer rather than a voltage regulator. For power supplies with the same output power, those built with hardwired voltage transformers are usually much heavier than those relying on voltage regulators.

Why must I reinstall the driver every time I use a different Logic Analyzer?

Since each Logic Analyzer has a unique serial number, you must reinstall the driver every time
when you change the Logic Analyzer.

What is the Trigger Page?

The Trigger Page is one patent technology of Zeroplus Technology, which can display the digital signal with the page mode, and the Logic Analyzer records the signal in segments. Users can select the page freely, which seems that they are reading a book. The number of the Page will be different according to the selected RAM Size.

What is the Trigger Level? How do I adjust the Trigger Level?

The Trigger Level is the Level Line which is provided for the Logic Analyzer to judge the High and Low Levels of the signal; when the input signal voltage is higher than the Trigger Level, the Logic Analyzer will judge the signal as High Level; when the signal voltage is lower than the Level Line, it will be judged as Low Level. The adjustment of the Trigger Level is done with a port which consists of 8 channels. The Trigger Level can only be adjusted for an entire port. Users can set the Trigger Level from the function list of the software, “Trigger” => “Trigger Property” => “Trigger Content”, the default values are TTL, CMOS (5V), CMOS (3.3), ECL and User Defined. The range of User Defined is from -6V to +6V, and each STEP is 0.1V.

Why does the Logic Analyzer feature negative voltage calibration?

This allows users to analyze any given signal.

What is the Waveform Compression?

Zeroplus Technology issues the patent technology of Waveform Compression, which can add the stored time of waveform of the Logic Analyzer according to the special Hardware Compression Mode. The highest compression rate is 255, and the D PORT will be closed when activating the Compression function; the highest compression rate is 4G for the B Series, the PORT won’t be closed when using the Compression function. The left picture is the signal waveform of the non-compression, the time of the waveform is 655.36us; the right picture is the waveform with the Compression function activated, the total waveform length is raised to 152.44ms.

Are different external sampling frequencies for different channels possible?

There is only one external sampling frequency input available for the A Series and C Series, but there are two external sampling frequency inputs for the B Series. The left Image1 and 2 are the Sampling Setup dialog boxes for the A Series and C Series, and the right Image3 is the Sampling Setup dialog box for the B Series

Is the Memory Size fixed? If I just use one of the ports, can I expand the Memory Size?

The Logic Analyzer’s memory is fixed at 4 megabits. Due to current hardware
limitations, the memory size cannot be modified, even as the number of ports used changes. But users can activate the Double Mode to make the Memory Size redouble. In the 32ch model, the32ch will be halved to 16ch by using the Double Mode. The Double Mode can’t be used for the B Series Models, LAP-C (16032) and LAP-C (16064).

Is it ok to substitute stock items for bundled cables and connectors?

Yes, users may use any compatible connectors and cables. However, to ensure consistency and accuracy in measurements and data, we strongly recommend using the bundled connectors and cables. Each of the Logic Analyzer is calibrated with the bundled cables and connectors before packing.