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Files Comparison
Why my circuit can’t work after modified?

So many signals, where is the bug? Who can help me to catch it?

Now the “Data Contrast” function can help you. With it Zeroplus Logic Analyzer software can contrast the waveforms of two LA files (environment parameters shall be the same), and mark their differences automatically! Very clear and timing saving!

Application: In I2C signal, if the function of some signal section is verified and confirmed, then users can store the data of this section. In case some error happens in this section in future work, users can contrast its data with the original data, so problems can be found quickly in this way.

Figure 1 is the data contrast setting window. Firstly users shall select the basic file and the contrast file, then the software can contrast their waveforms and mark their differences. In the contrast result box, FAIL indicating error and PASS indicating no error.

Files Comparison setting window.

Figure 1: Files Comparison setting window.