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Waveform Compression (US Patent 7,392,434 B2)

No way to store more signal!

(video - Compression)

With the limited memory, how to capture more waveform? Now users can use the “Waveform Compression” function to capture more waveform in the limited memory to improve the accuracy.

Application: When the program has some bug and we don’t know where it is, we needs to capture all the waveform to analyze. But the hardware memory is limited. Suppose we can capture 100ms waveform at most, but the bug is at 1s, so the waveform including the bug is nearly impossible to be captured.

Now with the Waveform Compression function, 255 times(max.) length of waveform can be captured. The bug has nowhere to hide.

See figure 1, the memory is 128K, the sampling frequency is 200MHz, then 655.36us waveform can be captured at most.

Figure 1: The waveform length is 655.36us with compression not activated.


Click “Compression” (refer figure 2 for its position) to activate it, and start capturing with the same memory and sampling frequency. The captured waveform length is 153.219ms. The max. compression rate is 255 in theory.

Figure 2: The waveform length is 153.219ms after compression activated.