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Good news!! We release trial version for Bus Expert II

2018 ZEROPLUS Logic Analyzer Learning Program- OPEN for Registration

【Is it annoying to pull the measurement points from the Ethernet IC?】

【2018 92nd China Electronics Fair】

[Taiwan Patent No. I629603 Logic Analyzer and Method of Retrieving and Analyzing Data]

【How to measure Qi 1.2 Bus?】

More than 100 protocol decoders for all series are free!!

Want to know more about LAP-C logic anlayzer?

LAP-C : How to stack oscilloscope of GW

LAP F1 : How to stack oscilloscope of GW

LAP-F1 : How to measure I2S bus

LAP-C : How to record more I2C packets

Get 110+ protocol decoders with the LAP-C for free!

Zeroplus will exhibit at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany

Zeroplus will attend Japan IT week in May

[Trade Show] Visit 2014 Electronica Zeropuls Booth, knowing brand new solutions!

Zeroplus launch new High-End eMMC5.0 Analyzer—“Bus Expert”

Zeroplus Logic Analyzer – Compatible with DSO !