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Packet Format Editing- special protocol decoding function - I2C example

The biggest advantage of the logic analyzer, compared with the oscilloprobe, is signal decoding. In short, the signal decoding refers to a series of digital signals of 0 and 1 being interpreted into a convenient data format. But is that all? Zeroplus logic analyzer provide a stronger decoding tool! After decoding the protocol, the edition may be implemented by making reference to bits of the data contents to directly change the digital signal into the human language and accordingly implement automatic adaption in accordance with the user’s requirements.

PCF8574 is the I/0 extension module based on I2C interface. Eight I/0s may be extended with two I/0s, and the circuit diagram is shown below:


The output of PCD8574 is logic 0 action, and the data format is defined as follows:


Description NC LED4 LED3 LED2 LED1 Blue Red Green


1. The Data equal to 0x75 can only be seen for normal I2C decoding.


2. Users can define the formats that meet their own requirements through self-defined decoding, and the logic states of the decoding results LED1 and R are 0.


3. The hardware output is that the first LED turns red in accordance with the definition result.