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7-segment Display mostly consists 7 LEDs, though it is very simple, it is one of the most familiar electronic components in daily life, for example elevator, air conditioning, their accessories are used 7-segment Display. With science and technology is changing quickly, digital signals transmission glut our daily life, those signals need the corresponding development tools to make engineers successfully finish the development work.



CCIR656 is mainly applied in video and signal decoding modules,Nowadays, CCIR656 is adopted in most film processing and even will be applied in PDA mobile or mobile PC in future. Technology is advancing very quickly, transmission of numerical signal is already very common in our daily life,However, engineers can smoothly finish development work on condition that the signal has corresponding development tool.



The research for CIS(CMOS Image Sensor) has begun in 1960, but it couldn’t be applied because the programme technology was not developed. Until 1990, since the VLSI Technology was developed, the industry began to pay much attention to CIS and developed it into application. Now it has three types: CMOS-PPS (CMOS Passive Pixel Sensor), CMOS-APS(CMOS Active Pixel Sensor), CMOS-DPS(CMOS Digital Pixel Sensor).


DALI Interface

ZEROPLUS Logic Analyzer can support the Protocol Analyzer DALI Interface(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)which is applied in the LED Lighting Control System. It can improve the working efficiency of the Lighting Device according to the control of the Protocol Analyzer DALI Interface.



The Protocol Analyzer DM114/DM115, which is developed by Zeroplus Technology according to the DM114/DM115 protocol issued by Silicon Touch Technology, is the constant current driver specifically designed for the applications of LED Display. Specifically, it belongs to a kind of 8-Bit Shift Register. its maximum Clock Frequency is 25MHz and the range of its input voltage is between 3.3V and 5V.



DMX is short for Digital Multipiex,DMX512 is the communication protocol that widely applied in processing of light adjusting and control signal in lighting equipments, also applied in stage light. Technology is advancing very quickly, transmission of numerical signal is already very common in our daily life, However, engineers can smoothly finish development work on condition that the signals have corresponding development tool.



LCD 1602 is a common Liquid Crystal Display interface,which is used for displaying 5*8 or 5*11 character font, but it doesn’t support Chinese display. According to LCD’s specification,LCD 1602 can extend many styles, for example LCD12864 (support Chinese display), and the basic theory are all the same. At present, LCD 1602 is mostly used of Engineering Calculator, Instrument Display Interface, DVD Player Display Interface and School Testing Teaching etc.



LCD12864 Bus is a kind of common miniature liquid crystal display module .It dosen’t only display Chinese, English and customized image ,but also displays the character of 16*8 or 16*16. Many kinds can be classified according to the LCD specification, such as LCD12832 (supports Chinese Character display),LCD1602,etc.


LED Pitch Array

LED Pitch Array is a very popular display device. It supports decoding of monochrome LED 8*8 dot matrix, setting of common anode and common cathode, and image encode. In its decoding vertical signal and horizontal signal are represented by 0101, total 64 bits; for example: 0X0000~0XFFFF.



The LG4572, developed by the LG Electronlcs in Korea, is a 16M Color Controller Driver for the Liquid Crystal Display with supporting various resolutions of Max. 480RGB x 864 dots. And it also supports the MIPI DBI (Type A, B (8-bit), C), DPI, MIPI DSI (D-Phy), MDDI and the Backlight Control Interface.


RGB Interface

TFT–LCD has already occupied most LCD market and become the leading technology of liquid crystal display and even panel display. Its products includes portable devices, desktop display, TV, special industry, aerospace, medical treatment, public display, etc.. RGB interface is one of the most widely used interfaces in TFT–LCD, with it the screen having higher resolution than QVAG is no need to use the Driver IC, therefore the production cost is reduced.



The S2Cwire/AS2Cwire, developed by Analogic Tech, is a kind of the Serial Digital Transmission Interface. It is mainly used for the ICs of the LED Driver in ATT Products. And it is widely used for all the 3C Products, such as Mobile Phone, Digital Camera and Digital Photo Frame.



Brief Introduction of the Protocol Analyzer (three to four lines of the description text):SCCB (Serial Camera Control Bus) is a kind of Protocol Analyzer which is customized by OmniVision; it is used for controlling the Register of the camera. The Protocol Analyzer SCCB consists of the SIOC and SIOD; in some applications, it will add a SCCBE Channel to represent the Enable status of the device. The transmission speed of the SCCB is 100KHz or 400KHz.