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[2021-01-26] ZP-Logic V1.02.05 Release


1. Add Batch Export function.
Before Update: Didn't support it.
Updated: Export all the .laf and .cpro files in the source file directory path to the corresponding txt or csv, don’t need to open and export one by one.

2. Switch to keep the current channels and bus.
Before Update: When changing the frequency or memory, if there is a bus, it will be automatically cleared.
Updated: The current channels and bus will be retained.

3. Time unit can be fixed.
Before Update: The software self-adjusts the unit.
Updated: Time unit can be fixed. ( File -> Options -> General -> Time Unit)

4. Fix the conflict between shortcut keys and other software.
Before Update: The shortcut keys Alt + F, Alt + A, Alt + D, Alt + M, Alt + V, Alt + H will conflict with other software.
Updated: Will not conflict with other software.

5. Fixed the problem of 0-length packets in packet export.
Before Update: In LTR mode, a packet of length 0 will appear when the bus is output.
Updated: Packets with length 0 will not be exported.

6. Soundwire supports BRA format.
Before Update: Didn't support it.
Updated: DP0 supports BRA format.

7. DMX512 supports RDM (Remote Device Management) format.
Before Update: Didn’t support it.
Updated: Support RDM (Remote Device Management) format.

8. Modify DDC EDIC decoding.
Before Update: Misjudged that the packet is a header.
Updated: The decoding is correct.

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