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[2020-11-11] LAP-C Pro V1.02.04 Release


1. Support opening LAP-C files to import related recording parameters.
Before Update: Open LAP-C file is not supported.
Updated: Open LAP-C file to import related recording parameters.

2. Navigator supports previewing all waveform.
Before Update: Only part of the waveform can be previewed.
Updated: All waveforms can be previewed.

3. Logic Analyzer supports Japanese language.
Before Update: Not supported.
Updated: Support Japanese language.

4. Files Comparison is newly added to list differences.
Before Update: List the difference details is not supported.
Updated: The difference details are listed in the list.

5. Mobile mode can turn off sliding.
Before Update: Not supported.
Updated: You can turn off sliding.

6. Mobile mode scroll wheel zoom centered on the mouse point.
Before Update: Roll the wheel to move the waveform right and left.
Updated: New feature item is the mouse point is used at the waveform zoom center.

7. Modify the waveform and packet export.
Before Update: There is a problem with the export of waveforms and packets.
Updated: The problem has been corrected.

8. HD Audio supports Image Decode and data is captured by external clock.
Before Update: The functions of Image Decode and external sampling are not supported.
Updated: Support Image Decode and data is captured by external clock.

9. Update HDLC.
Before Update: Decoding is wrong.
Updated: Add NRZI decoding.

10. Support SENT.
Before Update: Didn't support it.
Updated: Support SENT.

11. Soundwire supports Multi-lane decoding.
Before Update: Multi-lane decoding is not supported.
Updated: Support Multi-lane.

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