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 Trigger Function
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Trigger Page

With Trigger Page function, users can divide the long signal into many pages to capture. LAP-D doesn’t support this function, but it can do trigger delay to achieve the same effect.

For example: Set the RAM size of each page to 2K. The waveform will be displayed like below images:

Set the Trigger Page

Fig 1: Set the Trigger Page to 1


Set the RAM size

Fig.2: Set the RAM size to 2K, and the Trigger Page to 1. Note the end time is 9.225us.


Set the Trigger Page

Fig.3: Set the Trigger Page to 2.


Set the RAM size

Fig.4: Set the RAM size to 2K, and the Trigger Page to 2. Note the start time is 9.225us, and the end time is 19.465us.


The rest can be seen in the same manner. With this function, users can capture the signal page by page under the same trigger condition, data between each page is continuous; that’s a great help for users to do long-time signal analyzing.