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 Trigger Function
 Signal Process


This function can quickly count the periods (positive/negative/full period) in each channel, engineers can check that is correct or not under the condition.

It can display the quantity of positive period, negative period, full period, etc. in channel or users can set the time period to check if any period if out of the range.

Statistics button (blue frame)

Fig.1: Statistics.


Users also can set the condition and warning parameters in this function. The statistics can calculate the periods meeting the condition.

Fig. 2: Condition parameter setting window.


Fig. 3: Warning parameter setting window.


Users can set the warning condition(period or frequency); if there is any status that not meeting the condition, then the statistics information of that channel will be red to remind users (see Fig. 4).

Fig. 4: A1 channel contains the waveform that be out of the condition.