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Size:12 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.2 cm
For Series LAP-C


PCI Adapter

size:8.5cm * 5.1cm
When measuring the PCI signal, you can use the PCI Adapter to get the best measurement and save your time.


USB Bridge

1. Specially design for support USB signal measurement.
2. Support USB Spec V1.1.
3. You can use it to get the best measurement result and save your time.
4. Size:4.3(W)cm x 3(D)cm x 1.7(H)cm


USB Test Fixture(B TO A)

4.5(W) cm x 4(D) cm x 1.3(H)cm
For tracing USB 2.0 signal



1. Specially design for support MICRO SD signal measurement.
2. Support SD card Spec V1.1
3. You can use it to get the best measurement result and save your time.
4. Size:5 (W) cm x 2.2 (D) cm x 1.2(H)cm


32pin DIP socket adapter

size:5.6cm * 5cm


40pin DIP socket adapter

size:6.6cm * 5cm


USB 2.0 Capture Board

‧Support the Data Format, the users can vary the displayed Ary of the Data as their requirements.

‧Packet Optimization: It not only can be used to select the Items (Packet#, Name and TimeStamp) to be displayed, but also can be used to support the Data Combination and the Packet Format Filter functions according to the viewing Mode. So with the help of the function, the speed of analyzing the signal can be improved.

‧The USB has three Decoding Modes, namely, USB1.0 (LOW), USB 1.1 (FULL) and USB 2.0(HIGH).

‧The USB Transmission Protocol includes the different Packet Formats, so it can be used to select a part of data and analyze the data fast.

‧The USB can be used to improve the working efficiency for users in the process of analyzing the signal, matching with the ZEROPLUS Logic Analyzer.


Buffer Board

Usage is comprised of impedance un-matching happens (the DUT of the voltage drop after connecting to logic analyzer). The client signal pins can be connected to buffer board in order of "IN pins", then the signals will be sent to the LA through the corresponding “OUT pins”. Connection through the buffer board helps enhance about 1MΩ resistance for each channel.


Standard SD (Connector type)

ZEROPLUS Company to design the SD/MMC adapter plate is for standard SD / MMC card and it purpose with save time and reduce development costs for each customer or developer. This adapter advantage is a dramatically reduce noise interference and eliminating the user need for wiring. This adapter connector is jack module (Female) for the SD measurement needs, and that easy for developers to using and troubleshoots line and signal interference. This SD adapter can measurement facilitates the monitoring signal pinout to test protocol by the SD/MMC card. In addition, it can be used together with logic analyzers (B-702000X), and to reach comprehensive grasp of all communication mode for SD/MMC Protocol.