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Mr.Mark Oliver(Australia)
Mark Oliver

Just a bit of background on me - I'm a 59 year old professional Software Engineer that works for an R&D design company that develops a range of mission critical Internet of Things (IOT) monitoring products.

I use the LAP-C (16128) for both work and home. At work I use it mainly as a protocol analyser basic for I2C, SPI and RS232 development.
Although at low clock rates (20MHz) the LAP-C has unlimited uses for checking logic control. The LAP-C is very indispensable tool both at work and at home.

My home projects range from tiny Atmel Mega8 (8bit) Arduino devices up through STM32F042 (32bit) projects and to the complex ARM Cortex Android based devices. I’ve also used it with the newest Raspberry Pi and the Espressif - ESP32.

I would like the company I work for to purchase more of these devices.