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Evert Bennewitz (Holland)
Evert Bennewitz(Holland)


My name is Evert Bennewitz

I am an electronics with has build several project using mainly Microchip PIC's as the uP. My last project I build a fully automated PSU load that is able to random load the PSU en monitor its performance, temp, etc.

In my project's I always use a lot of serial communication. Also component with serial communication. This because several of my project involved measuring inside a already build machine.

The reason I purchase the analyzer is that such a tool will saved me a lot of time debugging my projects. (I am programming mainly in assembler!)
I you are designing you always bump into program mistakes and timing problem (in my case anyway)

With this tool these problems are easy find and therefore quick fixed.I have chosen this analyzer because of its performance / prize tag. I thing you get a well equipped device for a reasonable prize.Also is good that the device is powered by the USB.To be mentioned that the service from Eleshop is very good.
The second product bough was the trigger extension. This extension is a very good addition to the software because it will let you trigger on almost everything. As we all know triggering is a main issue when you want to find a specific situation at a specific time or sequence. Without this trigger option it is much harder to find the "right spot" of your pain.

I can (and will) recommend this device to everyone hoe is developing small or big projects.What I would like to have is longer more supple (flexible) test leads. I have made them myself because sometime it is necessary to connect the device inside a finished housing but i realize that larger cables introduce a different problem. Maybe in future shielded cabled would be nice.

Thanks again for this great offer.

Best regards'

Evert Bennewitz