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roelvh (Holland)
roelvh (Holland)

I am an almost daily-user of the zeroplus Logic Analyzer (LAP-C 16032). I first had my doubts about this product because it was priced fairly low compared to other logic analyzers of the same class. A quick look to the demo-software helped me to take the decision.

The hardware
The first tests showed me that this product is worth its money's, you get a professional piece of test equipment for a very low cost. The device has a robust and compact build. The casing feels strong and sturdy and can withstand rough treatment. I also bought the carrying case with test leads of 40 cm and additional test clips. The bag is of good quality and offers more than enough protection for the logic analyzer during travel. The extra long cables and test clips are a must. I have missed yet another black test clip for the ground because there is only one black test clip that comes with the logic analyzer by default. The test clips are feeling a lot less sturdy, but they are still perfectly usable. I use the device primarily for measurements of microcontrollers and FPGAs. The small memory of only 32kb is more than enough. Thanks to the compression technology that is used, there may be up to 255 times more data recorded.

The software
The free software you get with this product is very comprehensive. After one year of intensive use, I still didn't have used all functions. The software is very user friendly and has a clear layout. Many zoom capabilities and the use of cursors makes it easy to analyze the recorded data. It is also possible to indicate the amount of time between two flanks of a data line. If you use the built-in protocol analyzer, you can see the received packets on the screen in clear colors. The use of these colors makes it possible that, even if you zoom out to a higher level, you maintain the overview with ease.

My conclusion, a very good device thanks to the extensive software that has become an indispensable measurement tool in my lab.