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ad van grootel (Holland)
ad van grootel (Holland)

Review ZeroPlus Logic cube Lap-c(128) serial number 10012Z-1489.

I needed a logic analyser and a friend of mine told me that the Zeroplus was a very good value for money analyser. So I did go to www.eleshop.nl and did order one. Beside the Lap-c(128) I also did order some longer connection cables, because the ones that are supplied are to short to use.

After a few days the packages arrived and I opened th box. All did look well and even the box looks professional. Inside was the Lap-c, a nice carrying bag, the cables and connectors, and the software.

After installing the software I could not wait to try it. At first I did use the unit on a windows 7 machine and because the big computer is hard to move I also did install it on my laptop ( windows xp). Without any problems the installation was a piece of cake. Put in the cd and after running setup all was ok without any problems. Then I got a message that there was a new version for the software and I did downloadand installed it.

I have a project that I had to reverse engineer. A controller pcb send rs485 data to a slave and I had to know what codes he did send.So I ordered ten extra protocol’s for 75Euro and did try to download and install the software. The EleShop, where I did buy it, did send me the money back and they told me that I could download 30 protocols for free from the zeroplus website. Thanks for that, great service!

The downloading and installation of the protocols was at start not so easy. I did not know what I did wrong at first it did not work. But after a good reading of the help file I managed to get the protocols . I did unzip them and install them and after giving in the serial number that you get when you download the protocol. It worked great.

A few weeks ago I did try to figure out the data that was send to the rs485 slave with a digital scoop. It was very hard and took me a lot of time. Now with the zeroplus. It was very easy. I did hook it on to the send and receive date connections of the MAX485 and beside showing me how the data did look, he also gave me the complete data code that was send in HEX. So in 5 minutes I did know more then in a few evenings without the zeroplus.

I also did use it to scan the Canbus codes of a car. There was a error in the lightning of the car and by analysinf the data I could see that there was a error message from one of the canbus interfaces that controls the lights.

Most of the men never read a manual, and I am one of them. But even without the manual it took me only half a hour to figure out how the analyser did work. So the interface is easy to use. I did like the zeroplus so much that i was very enthusiastic to my friends. One of them did hear my story and did order one for himself.

So everything I wanted to have in a logic analyser it has and on this moment I don’t know what I would have for extra futures. It is relative cheap, and does all I needed.

Best regards, a happy Lap-c user.