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AMIC Communication Corporation
Firmware Engineer
Mr. Lin Jiayu

AMIC Communication Corporation (AMICCOM) formerly was the “RF Product Division” of AMIC Technology and spun off in November 2005. AMICCOM is a professional wireless RF ICs vendor with leading technology who focuses on chip design. And the marketing is extended by three product lines, namely, Wireless Data Communication, Mobile Communication and Satellite Communication.
AMICCOM’ s Research and Development teams have the excellent academic background, rich experiences on design, sales and management. The number of the R&D persons occupies more than 75% of all employees, which include that of many professional Divisions, such as RD and IC Design. The high-quality Human Resources make sure that the R & D teams of the AMICCOM continuously create the new achievements with the innovative Core Technology.
When developing the RF products, they need to analyze a lot of Digital Waveforms and Protocol Analyzers.
The R&D mode of the Firmware Division mainly is that use the C language to assemble 8051 single chip and transmit the digital data to RFIC to modulate and send the data through the Protocol Analyzer SPI. When using the common oscilloscope to analyze and contrast the waveform, it takes a lot of time to tidy up; but the error can not be found correctly and debugged smoothly. That is to say, the effects of the development can not be improved and the result is always frustrating, though it takes a lot of energy and time.
However, when Zeroplus Logic Analyzers are introduced into the Firmware Division, it is found that the Zeroplus Logic Analyzers can decode the values of the tested Protocol Analyzers fast and display the captured data on the screen directly, which can save a lot of time in the debugging. “ The debugged time is faster than ten times that of the common oscilloscope,” Firmware Engineer, Mr. Lin Jiayu, said excitedly.
“The Bus Packet List in the Logic Analyzer Software, developed by Zeroplus Technology, can inspect every packet fast. And with the help of the function, Roll the contrast waveforms synchronization, it is easy to check the waveforms of the Protocol Analyzer and Program Codes,” Mr. Lin said further.
For a large number of the Logic Analyzer Modules of Zeroplus Technology, Engineer Lin recommends the LAP-C(322000) at first. “The help is evident for development to register the waveforms, all communication timings and processes for communication in 10 seconds,” He explained.
In AMICCOM Firmware Division, nowadays, each case has to use the Zeroplus Logic Analyzer nearly. And even each person in the Firmware Division has a Logic Analyzer. Zeroplus Logic Analyzer with simple appearance and refined design not only is easy to take and occupies small space, but also makes the complex work circumstance become simple and improves the work efficiency.