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Technical Manager
Mr.Ricard Chetrit

ICNITA is a technological company specializing in integral solutions for the identification of persons, vehicles and objects, by means of various electronic identification and automation technologies, with the RFID specialty.

We offer the end customer an extensive “catalogue of technological solutions”, based on our in-house production of specific hardware and in conjunction with the relevant I-SOFT ICNITA software (for entry and presence management, protection and security modules, vehicle and transport identification, etc.)

Where the client has specific or additional requirements, ICNITA evaluates and adapts the proposals to make them into a “special tailor-made project”.

Our coverage extends from specific stages in execution of a project through to complete delivery of an “integral turnkey project” (consultancy and study, own engineering, total provisioning, assembly and installation, start-up and technical assistance).

We implement open, configurable and extendible applications, with recording of all movements and processes, and adaptation to our customers’ various management and production systems.

Our head office and plant is in Girona, and we have a main delegation in Madrid so as to achieve full coverage of the Iberian Peninsula.
We are involved in a new project for R+D, a new active RFID tag system is being developing.

During the testing phase of this project some obstacles appears in the SPI interface of CC2480 Texas Instruments RF Transceiver.
The TI CC2480 has got a complicated state machine and all the timings may take very carefully.

Our designer was spending lot of time debugging the SPI with oscilloscope and we decide to buy the ZeroPlus Logic Analyzer.
After we have bought the LAP-A analyzer the designer love it and he has not work without it.

Software interface is very clear and the instrument is very helpful.
Now we are upgrading protocols for the analyzer because new needs appear in the designing process, we need to implement a Manchester protocol and we think again that Zeroplus could save designer time.