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Products Development Department/Firmware Subdivision

Mr. Yeh

The Skymedi Corporation (The following is Skymedi for short) is a big design company which provides the design scheme of the control chip, controllers, and the potential IC in the field of Semi-conductor. Skymedi provide the vital integrate circuit parts of Memory Interface and the solution of system product design to clients, and manage to be the solution supplier of data storage and multimedia application. Skymedi create the first MMC4.0 controller in the world and becomes the pioneer of high-speed storage media technology.

Allen Yeh , the Senior Engineer of Development Department/Firmware Subdivision of Skymedi, engages in the embedded system design; he is responsible for products’ testing and validation of developing items.

Allen Yeh says: In the process of developing, the development tools of us are not only the ICE, but also Logic Analyzer. To use ICE is only to make the software simulated, but to validate the hardware needs to use Logic Analyzer. We use the LAP-A(32128U-A) PC-Based Logic Analyzer of Zeroplus Technology at present; doing the validation in the design, we can correctly capture the effective digital signals and find the problems of the hardware and software at the same time, so using Logic Analyzer is the best development tool for us. Otherwise, with the excellent analysis function of Zeroplus Logic Analyzer, we especially appreciate the function of Compression and Enable.

Allen Yeh also points out that all staff, from design engineers to testing engineers, use Zeroplus Logic Analyzer as the assistant tool of developing for the requirements of team speciality division; in the process of the whole developing, all the engineers use Zeroplus Logic Analyzer from the beginning of the design, which simplifies the process of the design and validation; it dose not only improve the working efficiency, but also shortens the time of development and improves the quality of the design; so we can complete the products speedily.

The use thought of each person having a machine in hand breaks the traditional design and development mode. If Logic Analyzer can be used in each item, it will be the irreplaceable core power in the times of competing speed.