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  Success Story

Ione Technology Inc.
FAE manager
Mr. Liu Xinliang

Ione, which has gotten the strict ISO 9001: 2000 certification, is the professional research and development manufactory of mice, keyboards, game pads and video products, and it has been well known for its brand Ione. Moreover, Ione is the professional agent of Japanese factories such as YAMAHA, KAWASAKI OTAX and MITSUMI, which produce semi-conductors and peripheral devices.

Liu Xinliang, the manager of the technical support of Ione products, said his experience: once he went to solve the client’s product problem together with the worker in FAE department. When he found the problem resulted from the IIC interface, he wanted to check up the interface, however, except the oscillograph and the traditional Logic Analyzer, there was no other tools, so it was impossible to decode the IIC2 signal into the value. At the same time, the FAE worker took out the Digital Logic Analyzer of Zeroplus, which is light and handy, and the difference was very obvious compared with the traditional heavy analyzer.

While doing the measurement, the traditional logic analyzer has to make the complex settings from powering on the logic analyzer to the beginning of the measurement, and the logic analyzer must have the decoding function, then the logic analyzer would be able to convert the IIC signal into the value; otherwise, users have to count and convert the signal according to the waveform displayed on the screen, and it may cause the wrong judgement. However, as to Zeroplus Logic Analyzer, users only need to connect the Zeroplus Logic Analyzer to the PC with the USB cable, and then the analyzer will transmit the IIC signal into the computer, display the IIC waveform and its values, and record the data. After saving them into the computer, users can analyze and learn whether the programming is right.

Because of the IIC decoding function of Zeroplus Logic Analyzer, we found the wrong programing smoothly, and the client’s problem was solved quickly. The experience leaves a deep impression of using a fine tool to me. In fact, to use a convenient and fine instrument can solve the question and save the time cost. Nowadays I always take the Logic Analyzer of Zeroplus Technology along with me. It can deal with my problem fast; at the same time, I want to introduce it to my clients sincerely. If all my clients use Zeroplus Logic Analyzer, I can easily help them solve the research and development questions timely.