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  Success Story

YAMAHA KHS Music Co., Ltd
Director of the RD Division
Mr. Lin Hai-li

The businesses of the YAMAHA group are extremely comprehensive, including in areas of life, culture and leisure. The new goal for the business aims to have “sound” and “music” as the central structure of the group. Every undertaking should be dedicated to enhance the competitiveness of the business. Through the close link and cooperation with other sectors, the group can perform with superiority.

Regarding the procurement of Zeroplus LAPs, Mr. Lin Hai-li, the director of the YAMAHA RD District said, When we started to research online for an appropriate LAP, only few met our requirements. Without much expectation, we contacted Ms. Lin Gia-fang in Zeroplus and were impressed by her professional introduction, which gave me confidence in Zeroplus products. Unlike big logic analyzers, Zeroplus PC-Based LAP is equipped with standard features. Compact as it is, this LAP has everything.

After procurement, Ms. Lin in Zeroplus kept updating the software and product information. She took a very proactive role in the after-sale service. Where there were small problems with the machine, she would talk to the engineers to get rid of the problems. The extra features of I2C, UART, SPI serial signal decoding of Zeroplus LAP made the price worthy.

When I was using Zeroplus LAP at the client end, many engineers fancy that they can have one. The problem of software/hardware debug happens to both software and hardware engineers. When the problem is directed to the software, the software engineers believed the cause was from the hardware. Therefore, the LAP was served as an arbitrator. Take I2C control for example, the software engineers believed the problem came from the wrong wiring whereas the hardware engineers reckoned the problem was from the wrong ID sent by the software. To resolve the dispute, one can connect the LAP to record the hardware control process and everything can become really clear.

Both hardware and software engineers believe that if one compact LAP can be placed on the table, the trouble of borrowing a big one can be saved and staffs would no longer fight fault with each other. This LAP indeed saves me a lot of time debugging. With only a few minutes, I can locate the problems that have been bothering clients for days. LAP is a great debug tool with superior design. I think smart engineers would make use of the best debug tools to facilitate their work. Zeroplus LAP is my best secret weapon.

Special report by Zeroplus/Instrument Sales Department: Ms. Lin Gia-fang, Mr. Lin Yu-ben