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[2014-02-25] Protocol Analyzer SVID_V1.04.00 Release

Modified Function:

1. Update the specification to Revision 1.6.
Before modified: The specification doesn't meet the standard of SVID V1.6.
After modified: The specification meets the standard of SVID V1.6.

2. Add options in the VID list.
Before modified: VID list has no option.
After modified: VR12, VR12.5 and VR12.6 are added in the VID list.


Protocol Analyzer SVID of Zeroplus Technology can be used to analyze the signal of the SVID and the packets (such as Start, Address, Command, Master Payload, Parity, Turn Around, Acknowledge, Slave Payload, End and Describe) in the corresponding signal. With the help of the ZEROPLUS Protocol Analyzer SVID, the packet of the Protocol Analyzer can be displayed with the graphical mode, the working efficiency can be improved and the time of calculating the decoding manually can be saved during the development.

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