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[2014-02-10] Protocol Analyzer UART_V2.18.00 Release

Modified Function
1. Decode by bit time according to UART decoding rule (baud rate). Start/Data/Stop will not be decoded but 0/1 will be decoded 1 bit by 1 bit. Different data formats are supported (limited to data length).
Before modified: Don't support bit time decoding.
After modified: Support bit time decoding.

2. Enlarge the setting range of parameters. Data length could be set up to 255 (it is 8 by default) and stop bit to 16 (it is 1 by default). Stop bit supports manual inputting.
Before modified: The setting ranges of data length and stop bit are too small.
After modified: The setting ranges of data length and stop bit are enlarged.


After turning on the UART bus auto-coding function, engineers can learn the transmitted data clearly. At the same time, in UART analytic configuration, user can select one test signal, it is TX or RX; or user can select two signals at the same time, they are TX and RX; user also can select Baud Rate, Data Bit ,Data Direction, Parity Check, Stop Bit,Whether reserve the data level for decoding, and Bus Color.

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