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[2015-09-18] Protocol Analyzer MANCHESTER_V1.09.00 Release

Modify Items

1. Support the format of "start transmission", the format just is increased start bit and end bit in the DATA format of the head and tail, adding '0' as start code and '1' as end code to each data transmission.
Before modified: Support not the format of "start transmission".
After modified: Support the format of "start transmission".

2. Support the length of idle bit, there has idle bit before every data transmission, and the length could be 1 bit.
Before modified: Support not the length of idle bit.
After modified: Support the length of idle bit.


Manchester Encoding in use channel only uses one signal channel.The differences between MANCHESTER and general signals is that Manchester Encoding doesn’t use voltage level high/low to denote signal state of ”0” and ”1”,it is according as whether presents signal level change in per Bit time to denote ”0”or”1”.Because the data length that transmits on Ethernet Medium network is very long ,if it presents a lot of ”0”or ”1” while transmitting data ,the data length will easily cause error between transmission end and received end, but using the express mode of Manchester can reduce that state heavily. Manchester Encoding also possesses the function of Parity Check to confirm the correctness of the data .Using Zeroplus Logic Analyzer Manchester Encoding analysis function, User can recode the signal easily, reduces the coding time by hand, and improves the work efficiency.

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