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[2015-09-17] Protocol Analyzer S/PDIF_V1.25.01 Release

Modified Function
1. The software is crashing when changing the frequency of bus to 2.8224MHz or 3.0720MHz.

Before modified: The software is crashing when changing the frequency of bus to 2.8224MHz or 3.0720MHz.
After modified : The sofware would not be crashed when changing the the frequency of bus.


S/PDIF only uses one signal to transmit on the hardware pin, and as the aspects of signal frequency, there are three kinds ,they are 2.8224 MKZ、3.072MKZ and 2.048MKZ.One group of S/PDIF Protocol Analyzer usually consist of 32 Frames to 192 Frames, and each Frame includes two Sub Frames; the length of each Sub Frame is 32 Bits, and consists of Start、AUX Data、Audio Data、Validity、User、Channel、Parity
Start bit: It can be divided into Last cell and Last cell 1 two kinds, herein each kind of Last cell includes Start-B、Start-M and Start-W.
AUX Data:It can be divided into 24bits decoding (4-7bit is the decoding code) and 20bits decoding (4-7bit is invalid ignoring) two kinds.
Audio Data:It separate into 24bits coding, 20bits coding and 16bits coding three kinds 16bits coding: If data is 12bit-27bit,4bit-11bit, 16bits coding is invalid.
20bits coding: If data is 8bit-27bit,4bit-7bit, 20bits coding is invalid.
24bits coding: Data is 4bit-27bit.
Validity:Valid Bit, when V=0 denotes data, Sub Frame is valid; when V=1 denotes Sub Frame invalid.
User:The sign can be varied by user.
Channel:Channel select
Parity:Parity Check, it is used to check whether each Sub Frame data is correct.

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