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[2015-09-16] Protocol Analyzer LIN2.1_V2.08.01 Release

Modified Function

1. If the range of synchronization interval deviation of SYN FIELD is not in 15%, that makes the signal don't be decoded.
Before modified: The deviation range is fixed to 15%.
After modified: Users could set the deviation range to 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%.
2. Break is decoded as Data.
Before modified: Break is decoded as Data.
After modified: Modify that Break is decoded as Data.


LIN Protocol Analyzer only uses one signal line to transmit data, the signal frequency is from 24Kbps to 20Kbps or more . for the signal speed is not so high, it starts simple equipment control in the auto electron system , such as door window、 door panel 、auto clearstory、reaview mirror and so on . LIN Protocol Analyzer adopts sending frament format to transmit in signal transmission, In the completed fragment format , including HEADER and RESPONSE,the HEADER seperats three parts: SYNCH BREAK、SYNCH BREAK and INTEND FIELD; The SYNCH BREAK is in order to distinguish fragment start, it sends by host computer, the purpose is to make the all connecting instrument sychnronizatio.

RESPONSE consists DATA FIELD and CHECKSUM FIELD , the DATA FIELD is charge of taking data field in the fragment format , the CHECKSUM FIELD is charge of checking data validity.

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