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[2013-12-18] Protocol Analyzer LCD1602_V1.24.00 Publish

Modified item:
1. Image Encode supports picture capturing and saving in BMP, JPG or PNG format.
Before modified: Image Encode doesn't support picture capturing.
After modified: Image Encode supports picture capturing and saving in BMP, JPG or PNG(default) format.

2. Buttons are changed to graphic pattern.
Before modified: Buttons are not graphic.
After modified: Buttons are graphic.


LCD 1602 uses 11 signal lines to transmit serial signal, so the transmission efficiency is rather high. The frequency transmitted by LCD 1602 doesn’t have given range, the using way is very simple, and the main using command is as below:
CLR:It means Clear Display
RESET:It means Reset
INPUT MODE SETUP:It means Mark and display mode setup, for example display direction, display right and left excursion.
DISPLAY SWITCH SETUP:Display switches control. It not only controls whether display character but also control display mode, for example glitter.
MOVE SETUP:Mark and display excursion, move display character and mark
FUNCTION SETUP: Function Setup, The dot display mode can be changed into 5*7 or5*10. DD ADDR:Character brings Address (RAM) setup.
CG ADDR:Character brings Address (DDRAM) Setup
BF/AC: Read Busy Flag and Address Count .If it is busy state, LCD-1602 cannot receive command.
RDATA:It means Read data.
WDATA:It means Write data.
LCD-1602 doesn’t have given packet command sequence, that is too say .it can fit together as random as its requirements.

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