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[2013-12-18] Protocol Analyzer CAN2.0B_V1.34.00 Publish

Modified Function:
1. Add Hardware Trigger Function

Before modified: This function is not supported. To do bus hardware trigger, engineers shall calculate the packet data by themselves and set it to the corresponding position of multi-trigger;this is not convenient and intuitive.

After modified: This function is supported. Engineers could set the bus multi-trigger by setting packets in the UI; this is simple and intuitive.


After turned on the CAN Protocol Analyzer bus auto-coding function, user not only can customize the parameter and the start bit of data, but also can customize the color setting part, in order to improve in distinguishing data and comfortable degree of looking. Besides adjusting speed, we can aim to its error to do slightly sampling adjusting, in order to solve the obstacle to distinguish data Using Zeroplus Logic Analyzer and bus auto-coding software can help you reduce the time of developing signal and improve the efficiency of developing new product. You can supply your correlated information for us; Zeroplus will make the customized bus analysis software for you as your requirement.

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