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[2013-11-29] Protocol Analyzer USB 2.0_V1.01.01 Publish

Modified Functions:
1. In Smart+ software, other filter buttons are in grey when TRS and TPR buttons are pressed.

Before modified: Other filter buttons are in bad grey when TRS and TPR buttons are pressed.
After modified: Grey effect is optimized when TRS and TPR buttons are pressed.

2. Correct 'get descriptor' related problem.

Before modified: 'get descriptor' could not be decoded.
After modified: 'get descriptor' could be decoded.


The Protocol Analyzer USB 2.0 of Zeroplus Technology can analyze the transmission control signal of USB 2.0. It can analyzer the packet of Sync, SOF, Frame, Address, Endpoint, Data, CRC5/CRC16, EOP, Setup, In, Out, Ping, Split, PRE, Data0, Data1, Data2, Mdata, ACK, NACK, Stall, NYET, Hub Address, SC, Port, S, E and ET in the USB signal. The packet of signal can be displayed in graphical mode, so the time to decode and calculate by hand can be saved in this way.

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