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[2013-11-29] Protocol Analyzer I2S_V1.18.00 Publish

Modify Items:
1. Add Hardware Trigger Function
Before modified:
This function is not supported. To do bus hardware trigger, engineers shall
calculate the packet data by themselves and set it to the corresponding position of multi-trigger;this is not convenient and intuitive.

After modified:
This function is supported. Engineers could set the bus multi-trigger by setting
packets in the UI; this is simple and intuitive.


Except for the three pins in the wire of hardware, I2S has three different transmission modes, they respectively are Normal, DMA and transmitted and received mode.

SCLK is also called BCLK, which is used to corresponding to every bit data of data sound.

SCLK’s Frequency= 2 X Sampling Frequency X Sampling Bit.

LRCK is used to switch data of left and right audio channel, LRCK = 1 denotes transmitting data of left audio channel, to the contrary, LRCK =0 denotes transmitting data of right channel; LRCK’s frequency is equal to sampling frequency. SDATA denotes audio data in Binary.

With the development of I2S,Until now, it has several different data format, according to the differences among SDATA、LRCK and SCLK ,it produces flush left format (fewer), I2S format(defined by Philips and flush right(called Japanese format or general format),before it depend on high price audio analyzer to analyzing I2S signal, now it only need logic analyzer to help user analyze signal.

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