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[2013-11-14] Protocol Analyzer SPI_V1.13.00 Publish

Modified Function:
1. Add Hardware Trigger Function

Before modified: This function is not supported. To do bus hardware trigger, engineers shall calculate the packet data by themselves and set it to the corresponding position of multi-trigger;this is not convenient and intuitive.

After modified: This function is supported. Engineers could set the bus multi-trigger by setting packets in the UI; this is simple and intuitive.


When the SPI Protocol Analyzer auto-coding function is turn on, MOSI/MISO Protocol Analyzer and its signal data will display in the screen. Furthermore, through SPI custom setting, it not only can define the used I/O pin but also can choose whether display the MOSI (SDO)/MISO (SOI) and activate SS (CS).In SPI custom setting, when the SS (CS) is activated, SS enable level can be selected High/Low, and the data length can be set in data setting part, the data length range is 1~28bit.

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