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[2013-11-13] Protocol Analyzer 7-SEGMENT LED_V1.13.00 Publish

Modify Item:
1. Suggest adding an item of 'ignore state error', which allows users to input a time that would be ignored, in order to fit the actual action of 7-segment display.

Before modified: Don't support 'ignore state error'.
After modified: Support 'ignore state error'.


7-segment Display consists 7 or 8 LED,and use 8~9 connection to display the required numerical value. Although 7-segment Display doesn’t possess given frequency, for easy display or reading, its frequency can not be set too high. Hereinto pin a~g is used for display digital and made Anode or cathode connect one pin; when serial signal transmits to 7-segmeng display a~g , simultaneously, LED will light to supply people with reading . Because 7-segment Display doesn’t have special command packet, after recoding, there only show digit or English character to be denoted.

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