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[2013-11-13] Protocol Analyzer LCD12864_V1.10.00 Publish

Modify Item:
1. Change the default format of picture saving.

Before modified: Picture is saved in BMP format by default; it is too large and not convenient to use.

After modified: Picture is saved in PNG format by default; it is much small and not distorted.


LCD12864 needs 11 signal lines (parallel mode) to transmit signal, please refer to the below specifications.
Parallel Mode
En:En is the enabled line.
W/R: W/R is the control line for writing and reading.
RS:RS is the command and data switch control line.
DB0 ~ DB7: They are the parallel mode data lines.
SCLK: SCLK is synchronous signal clock line.
SID: SID is the serial data I/O line.
CS:CS is the enabled signal line.
By means of LCD12864 special Bus of Zeroplus Technology Logic Analyzer, engineers can easily analyze the LCD module, and quickly check all commands and data
transmission in signals, such as cleaning screens, displaying characters, etc.. Through the analysis function of Zeroplus Technology, Zeroplus Logic Analyzer can transmit the waveform of LCD12864 into the screen through image, and learn the operating state of LCD module easily so that it can improve the work efficiency and shorten the time of development.

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