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[2013-04-01] Protocol Analyzer RGB Interface_V1.00.00 Publish

Brief Introduction of Application:
TFT–LCD is used in connection between computer video and A/V terminal, the separate processing in the channels Red, Blue and Green in the RGB interface, in addition, the horizontal and vertical synchronous scanning control. RGB interface also uses the format of RCA or BNC terminal and switches with each other. At present widely used in computer, some HDTV receiver, video processor and projector.

Function Introduction:
One of the LCD connection interface includes Analog RGB, ADC and digital RGB. However, when the signals HSNC and VSNC are needed depends on what kind of control driving mode. The signals like Row synchronization, Frame synchronization and CLK are aimed at TFT LCD of the RGB interface, which has signals such as HSYNC, VSYNC, ENABLE, CS, RESET and RS but without internal RAM.