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Company Introduction

Zeroplus Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1997 by a group of experienced engineers. Zeroplus specializes in wireless controllers that are compatible with full range of TV game console peripherals and PC-based logic analyzer. We possess the core technology in IC design, Besides in-depth knowledge of the industry and the professional know-how, we have good cooperation between partners, and strive to design innovative products to meet customers’ demands.

Zeroplus has enlarged its business to electronic measuring instruments in 2004. Applying the advanced MCU technology to instruments, we successfully developed the “PC-based logic analyzer”.  Unique innovative technology was accredited by a number of patents, applying regions or countries until July, 2011 include China, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, India, USA, England, Singapore, Germany and Korea. Up to now, we have the 37 applications, 36 belong to PI and 1 is UM. The number of patents continues increasing. Since the PC-based logic analyzer launched in 2005, it has been widely adapted by many technologies manufacturers in the IC industry and educational institutions for digital analysis that have made the logical analyzer to become the most popular one in the Taiwan market.

Zeroplus launched the own-brand arcade light gun at the Tokyo Game Show and got a great appreciation in 2005. In 2006, we cooperated with Bandai Namco, Japan to develop a new generation of light gun- GunCon 3; and in 2007, this light gun had officially released along with  the game named “Time Crisis 4”in USA and Asia.
Zeroplus had been the exclusive agent to sell Mega 3D 360 and films from System Pro, Japan. This digital 3D movies provide by this creative and present of imaging equipment, and the audiences are surrounded by 360-degree screen that deliver fantastic experience to audiences.

In the future, Zeroplus will continue with technical R&D and products/ service innovation to strive and create quality products and enhance our product values.



Zeroplus strives for technology development and innovation to produce great quality products for customers to keep the competitive advantage. We will continue enhance our efficiency to provide great customer service and create a glorious future with our customers.


Main Products

1. Professional design and manufacture control chipsets for video game peripherals.

2. Design, manufacture and sell for arcade and controller accessory.

3. Design, manufacture and sell for logic Analyzer.

4. Agent for 3D theater system.